Sunday, March 14, 2010

Uploading and Sharing Photos

We all want to share pictures all our Kodak moments with our friends. This is one kind of existence in Web 2.0 virtual world. This normally involves following pattern :
  1. Take a lot of pictures by using point-and-shoot digital cameras.
  2. Download them from Camera/Memory card to computer
  3. Edit them in Picture editor
  4. Upload them to web-album sites like flickr or picasa
  5. Share photos from Picasa or Filkr
  6. Upload and share on social networking sites like Orkut or Facebook.
Step 4,5 and 6 are normally mutually exclusive but then if you have friends which are on one social network and few others are on other or worse, some friends don't live in Web 2.0 so you have to send them email invitation. Now uploading photos at all these places is really pain esp. if you have hundreds of photos of your latest trip to some exotic location. I don't understand why cant somebody come-up with simple application where it allows me to do basic things like chatting, adding photos, sharing and viewing updates from all social networking sites from one single window. If you find one working application with such functionality let me know.

Picasa makes sharing photos really easy. I use Picasa Desktop Application for all my photos. Picasa has concept of gadgets where you can add button, clicking on which it will post your album to sites like Orkut or Facebook. So here is my way.
  1. Download photos from Camera or Phone using Picasa.
  2. Edit them using picasa
  3. Use picasa tool bar buttons to upload them to Picasa Web album, orkut and facebook.
You can add Facebook button from this url : Facebook Picasa uploader plugin. Details you can find here

And orkut has inbuilt support for Picasa Web Albums See screen shot below

Hope this simple tip makes your life with Photos and Social Networks easier.


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Kuka said...

I always wondered how this could be done. Thanks