Thursday, February 26, 2009

Links : Things I Wish I’d Been Told

When I look back in my engineering days and now, I certainly figured out one thing : Whatever they teach in class hardly matters - the syllabus is totally outdated. What matters is that how you learn new things quickly, be updated in this fast moving world of technology.

Here I am sharing a link I Wish I’d Been Told, when I graduated with computer science engineering degree. Tips For Students with a Bachelors in Computer Science

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Funny Tech Videos : Part 5

Geeky Valentine .. for bloggers and twiters.

Happy Valentine Days May all you get linklove that you deserve.


Download Your Favorite Youtube Videos in Batch

Last week SRGMAP - LC ( Sa-Re-Ga-Ma-Pa Marathi Little Champs) singing contest for children finished. These children are really are talented and boy, crowd loved every performance from them. From long time this was the only show that I wanted to watch every episode of it and did not miss much initially. But when I moved out for my job I was missing it but then this guy "ahonkan" made sure i at least get to see performance of these god gifted children. Thanks a million ahonkan .. there will countless others like me. Now competition is over I thought of downloading all videos and keeping copy of it for as my personal collection. Initially I thought I will write my small program in java where I will download the user specific feeds, playlists, Chanel and the via youtube API i will download all FLV files. But then I did came across this great program. : 1-Click Youtube Downloaded. It allows you download and match bunch of videos It allows you donwload and match bunch of videos from youtube.

Below is the video from 1-Click which shows you how to download videos using this program.

great stuff. may be older but still good enough for another word in blogo-sphere.

Note : Videos uploaded on youtube could be subject to copyright and may be illegal. Here I am only writing about the useful computer program. Make sure you know what you are downloading. Thanks