Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Google Buzz

My first impression - I like the idea of adding connected sites : twitter, picasa, blogger, reader and all status messages. I am still searching for good social network desktop client which will connect to all my accounts : gmail, orkut, facebook, yahoo, linked-in, twitter but there is not such application existing yet. The once which was closer is Digsby, but digsby's UI is really clumsy to use.

Buzz is single window solution. You want to share picasa album or your recent tweet it works. Lets hope that it does not fail as Google Wave failed due to absence of freinds. I hope google this time sends invitations to clusters of users such that when I use buzz I will find at least some friends to share buzz. Buzz is suppose to compete with Facebook and Twitter, it surely has plus points against both
  • it works right inside the most popular Google application - gmail
  • no 140 character limit
  • auto publish feature : when I tweet, same twit will be "buzzed" too
I hope Buzz comes with lot of "twitter" applications by default or provides options to add applications written with help of Buzz API like Gmail Labs application. One thing I would have liked to see is that Buzz should have implemented hashtags that are popular in twitter. Hashtags are like "user metadata" which helps to follow/search tweets that you are interested thus allowing to connect/discover like minded people.

On other side, I don't know what google is thinking of having two different products : Wave and Buzz. I think since Wave has failed Google was in serious need to restrict facebook's advance so google added social networking aspects to its most loyal user base - Gmail. I am not sure about Buzz success, its surely going to tank as like google's other recent products. Facebooks strong point is that all sharing links, photos, activities, thoughts is at the central of page but in gmail is just another view so am not sure it should be part of gmail. Gmail view is OK but there should be separate page also where I can just spend time on Buzz. Hope google adds new features slowly.

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