Sunday, August 10, 2008

My New Laptop - Acer 2920

Hi, weeks before I bought new laptop for me Acer 2920. Earlier I had blogged about my journey with linux earlier. Linux was mandatory criteria for my laptop. So i had experimented a lot with different laptop reviewed them on internet. My brother's Laptop : Sony VAIO CR12GB/H had responded well to linux call ... it was so good that my brother is now linux convert uses Ubuntu prefarably (See snapshot Below).

Other criteria being : Windows XP. I feel Vista is a big flop specially for countries like india where hardware here is atleast 6-7 months behind latest technology. In very first post on this blog I mentioned my disappointment in following words

"And last thing i want to say about VISTA is that its fooling people around. It takes seconds to load dekstop and pretend ready for action but reality is different. It take much more time to get all networking started and then i can start my browser. With linux it takes time to login but I know when its now ready - ready for anything file explorer, browser and mp3. "

But the market here in India is not that good. You don't get Windows XP laptop with good hardware these days. So I had to go cost mode .. laptops which are targeted as utility laptops : I settled for Lenovo and then i saw this beauty in Vijay Sales Thane Shop. Sales Guy was really friendly and allowed to boot the laptop with ubuntu live CD. It passed the test. Acer 2920 is the smallest laptop around with no compromise on hardware or any necessary features. It comes with driver CD for both Vista and XP which is not common in latest laptops which restrict you to vista only.

so if you are looking for good utility laptop : Acer is good brand and certainly best one for linux laptop. I recommend Sony also : Sony is also good value for money. Sony laptops have good sound quality : loud and clear, clear crisp bright display. VAIO CR series certainly suited for the most.



Geek said...

Here is one more gentleman who has Acer 2920. He has mentioned lot of good information about how to tune Ubuntu Hardy 8.04 on Acer 2920 Link is

Hao said...

Hello, does your 2920 suspend/resume work on Ubuntu? What about internal/external mic? I'm about to buy this model, but I need to have these two things(suspend/resume, mic) working.
Thanks a lot!!!

Geek said...

As far as i know Ubuntu has problems with suspend resume. It does not work on my model so I have configured it "not to suspend" when lid is closed. I have upgraded to 8.10 and I have problems with Audio Output and Input on this model. So start with 8.04 if you are planning to install ubuntu. Mic does not work out of the box but I have not gone much into. There would be work-arounds. I will get back to you as I have to solve 8.10 upgrade issue too!.