Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Java Performance - Multi Core Processors

Hi i was reading book called Java Concurrency in Practice by Brian Goetz and others.
I found this interesting quote :

"For the past 30 years, computer performance has been driven by Moore's Law; from now on, it will be driven by Amdahl's Law. Writing code that effectively exploits multiple processors can be very challenging."

Amdahl's law describes how much a program can theoretically be sped up by additional computing resources, based on the proportion of parallelizable and serial components.

util.concurrent from Doug Lea brought Java Concurrency API right into JDK. From starting java was the first (at first among mainstram prograaming languages)
language to support Multithreading. With JAVA 5 any developer can write safe and scalable Java programs.

All latest processors now are multi-core processors this clearly shows shift towards parallel systems where your program has to effectively use all hardware thread underlying cpu provides. Unless programs are completely multithreaded, they simply won’t use the power available in hugely multicore systems. Lot of attention is given to transform code to multi-thread code. Read this post for details : "Intel: We Can Transform Single Thread to Multithread"

I also got to read this wonderful post which discusses Java Performance mainly GC on multicore processors : Multicore may be bad for Java.

Indeed Java is Multicore Ready I believe .. Happy Multithreading.


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Hunter said...

Pervasive Software, out of Austin, is taking another approach and has created a Java framework called DataRush that developers can use to create parallel applications w/o any concurrent programming knowledge.

Here for more on DataRush