Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Portable Ubuntu Rocks

Years ago (literally 2.5 years ago) I had tried co-linux. At that time it was in initial stages but was working perfectly in text mode. If you don't know whats co-linux, its linux distribution which works like Windows Binary. No need to setup Virtaul Machine Emualator and install or add virtual images. This was when I had never heard of Virtualization and I was really amazed of the idea. At that time co-linux had managed some elementary GUI drawing mainly KDE applications (at least i had seen screeshots), it did not work though on my machine. Just minutes before I downloaded portable ubuntu after reading this Post from LifeHacker. And it works!! just like described. Who needs VMWare and stuff like that if you can work on linux shell as well as Firefox just Alt-Tab apart. Here is screenshot of Portable Ubuntu in action.

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