Friday, January 23, 2009

Free Collaboration Software : Mikogo

I just used free collaboration software Mikogo. At work place I used WebEX : the default choice but at home I needed to collaborate : basically share screen, show some demos, slides. With content sharing you also need to speak : i used skype for that. For screen sharing I searched google and Mikogo was the first result. It the on of the nest free software I have encountered : No hidden features, nearly all of features : like giving control to other participants, see other participants screen are present.
It also has integration with skype which i did not used but will use for my next meeting. I initially assumed there will be some cap on either on duration on participants but our meeting well last 2 and half hours. In fact we spent 10 minutes in finding and testing out features of Mikogo.

Who needs WebEX? certainly for personal Mikogo is the best.


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