Saturday, December 13, 2008

Online TV : Reality for Indians

I recently moved to Noida for my new job and missing watching TV, especially Zee Marathi SA-RE-GA-MA-PA. And then very unthinkable happened : Shootout in the heart of mumbai - my beloved city. It was really hard to think whats going on in Mumbai, sitting in air-conditioned office in Noida. I could watch those boring and ever-repeating clips of news channel videos online but these are only dramatic and not informative at all. Then I thought what if I could watch TV online where I can get whole feel of whats happening, and yes by doing little bit of googling I managed to find out lot of channel which are available online. I could watch My favorite TV serial (one-and-only-one) online. Not only that I could see live news channel. Go to : Lot of regional channels are covered there. Internet connection speed required for these feed depends on the quality but 512 Kbps (that's around 64 KBps download speed) is sufficient for it. Sad thing is that, in India wireless internet is still hanging around 144 Kbps boundary so you can not avail this facility on move. On broadband front though thing look OK now, lot of ISP now provide 2 Mbps speed so things

One thing I want say is Thanks and I really appreciate to this to CNN-IBN. CNN-IBN (Leading news channel in India) has official free live feed. That's what you call free press. In events like Mumbai shootout this could really save your and your families day. Thanks once gain : Rajdeep Sardesai.


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